Construction Scaffolding

Scaffolding is an integral part of any construction process. Construction Scaffolding enables easy and safe access and increases job site safety. It also plays an important role in getting your job done to high standards. No matter you have a small project or something that takes several weeks, you will require scaffolding equipment.

From quality certified equipment and tools to proper communication clear lines of communication, there are various components that could be vital to ensure safety in the construction industry. Walkie-talkies use two way radio frequency and they could be extremely useful for enabling reliable communication over large construction sites. In case of accidents, the construction site workforce can immediately communicate with the rest of the team with just a push of a button, and that way avoid further mishappenings. This is in a way similar to fire alarms, where people can escape through the fire exits like the ones manufactured by Seton (try these out). Communication tools like loud sirens are crucial to keep guard workers when there is a need to address danger. Of course, these walkie-talkies aren’t the only safety tools, you can also find other products on the internet for extra safety, especially if you are working at double the height as normal. For example, you can find added roof fall protection equipment to ensure worker safety – otherwise, there might be a big lawsuit on the company’s hands.

We at Transom Scaffolding are a full-service Construction scaffold company in Sydney, catering to the needs of both commercial and residential clients. We offer all types of scaffolds and our services cover everything from delivery to erection to dismantling and removal from the site.

There is no construction scaffolding job that we cannot handle. From a single-floor job to a high-rise construction project, we deliver and install our scaffolds for all scales of projects.

Importance of Construction Scaffolding

Our Construction Scaffolding Hire solutions help your workers safely navigate around the building site and outline the parts of the project to make the task easier. Top-quality, appropriate, and properly installed scaffolding ensures the safety of workers working in a building.

When your construction project is taking place in a public area, you will need additional Construction Scaffolding Sydney equipment such as safety barrier netting and/or herace fence tarps. They can be beneficial to not just your workers, but also enhance the safety of the general public.

Our scaffolding will provide your workers with a flat and well-balanced working platform to stay on and navigate around. You can have multiple workers work on-site, thus improving the project’s productivity and efficiency. We will deliver and install the scaffolding depending on your specific requirements for project size and type, height, number of workers involved, the type of equipment used, and many other factors.

We provide Construction Scaffolding Hire Sydney solutions

That allows workers to access building areas that would normally be difficult, risky, or impossible. Our experience, skills, and vast inventory allow us to create solutions to overcome all kinds of challenges including:

  • Slopes
  • Poor site access
  • Narrow blocks
  • Tall structures
  • Unusual & complex architecture

Easier access also means that workers can focus on the job instead of being concerned about their safety. This further translates into quicker and more efficient outputs.

Who We Are – Leading Construction Scaffolding Sydney Company

We are a well-established name in the Construction Scaffolding Hire Sydney market. We provide complete scaffolding services that include equipment, personnel, and project management solutions. This means you will find all your scaffolding needs under one roof. We work with all the popular scaffolding systems used in this market including the Kwikstage scaffolding systems. Our crew comprises professionals with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. We take pride in the professional, reliable and quick site set up and dismantling services that we offer.

Fully committed to workplace safety, we are NSW Workplace Health and Safety certified. We always ensure that all our work complies with the State laws and regulations while meeting the highest industry standards. In-house designing services are provided to plan and design fool-proof Construction Scaffolding Hire solutions.

Types of Construction Scaffolding Systems

As already mentioned, we supply and install different types of Construction Scaffolding Hire Sydney to meet your project’s unique requirements. The systems we commonly work with include:

Steel System

Heavy-duty steel systems are the most commonly used scaffolding systems in Australia. Galvanised steel Kwikstage scaffolding system is considered among the best options. We provide these systems for all types of construction projects, including commercial, residential, civil, and industrial projects. This is a modular system having a durable interlocking design. It is suited for projects involving demolition and brickwork. We can also supply the following accessories:

  • Mesh Guards
  • Aluminium Access Stairs
  • Tube & Couplers
  • Hop-Up Brackets
  • Ladder/Lahyer Beams
  • Shadecloth/Protective Mesh

Aluminium Scaffolding

We also supply medium-duty aluminium Construction Scaffolding in Sydney that offers the benefits of steel and the lightness of aluminium. We use innovative and weld-free systems that use individual modular components including:

  • Standards
  • Transoms
  • Ledgers

Our experienced crew can use accessories to build the scaffolding around or over obstacles including low roofs, machinery, pipes, and voids. This is a versatile system and we can overcome any hurdles or challenges with it. The lightweight construction also speeds up the erection and dismantling process. It is perfect for hanging scaffolds, which includes cantilever and drop scaffolds. Some of the accessories we offer for these systems include:

  • Aluminium Access Stairs
  • Outriggers
  • Spacedecks
  • Ladder/Lahyer Beams
  • Tube & Coupler
  • Extra Narrow Platforms
  • Special Transoms
  • Shadecloth/Protective Mesh

We also provide and install adjustable and easy-to-use aluminium mobile systems. In addition to a comprehensive inventory of all the Construction Scaffolding Sydney for Hire, we also offer all the access equipment. This includes 4WD vehicles, multi-height crane trucks, and other equipment for transportation, installation, and dismantling.

We at Transom are an Australian-owned and operated business and we provide 360-degree Construction Scaffolding Hire Sydney solutions. If you need more information or have any queries, give us a call on 1300 77 1300 or send us an email at