Scaffolding Hire

Scaffolding Hire

Things to Consider While Hiring Scaffold

If you’ve been on the internet searching for the phrase “scaffolding hire”, then you’ve landed on the right page to provide you with all the information you require. The term ‘hire of scaffolding’ refers to a large category when talking about the scaffolding industry, whether you’re searching for:

  • Residential Scaffold
  • Commercial scaffold
  • Industrial scaffold
  • Special projects scaffold
  • Underwater submersible scaffold, and more.

Often, those searching for this term online are needing to hire scaffolding for various projects, from a new or existing small-scale home project to a large building firm looking to use scaffolding for a major commercial project. The good news is that with Transom Scaffolding you will find all the necessary information for all your questions.

If you need a quote for your project, we will require the following things from you in order to streamline the process and tailor a quotation to suit your project needs:

  • Any architectural plans of the property
  • All photos of the area that you intend to place the scaffold
  • Any contact details of site personnel that we would need to contact to gather further information

The three points above are very important when it comes to scoping and pricing scaffolding for your project. And additionally, it’s important for clients to consider their required hire period – a detail that comes into question often, but is equally forgotten about! The hire period of the scaffold encompasses from the time we set it up to the time we remove the structure, as well as any additional time that may be required outside of the original quotation.

All in all, while there’s many scaffolding and construction services firms on the internet, you needn’t look further than Transom Scaffolding – a complete scaffolding solution for any size project operating in Sydney, New South Wales. We have the dedicated resources in place to answer any questions regarding how much it should cost you to set up, erect and dismantle the scaffold once your project is complete.

In summary, if you have searched for the perfect scaffolding hire and services team and you require professional scope for your project anywhere in Sydney, do not hesitate to contact Transom Scaffolding to provide you a with competitive and professional quotation with the professionalism to back it.

Scaffolding Hire

Seeking Scaffold Solutions for a Double Story Home in Sydney?

Are you on the internet searching for scaffolding for a double storey home? You’ve landed on just the right page! Our team at Transom Scaffolding provide scaffolding solutions for any size double storey home – ranging from a small 15-meter frontage up to a 45m frontage!

We can accommodate your scaffolding job with ease and professionalism. Our in-house design team uses the latest scaffolding design software and our engineers bring scaffolding to life, to suit your construction requirements. Our specialist team will make sure all goes smoothly during the deployment of the scaffold, and most importantly, that everything is safe and functional during the construction of your project.

Double storey scaffolding Sydney is in high demand currently, as there are many two-storey homes and beyond being built in nearly every suburb of Sydney. The reason double storey homes are so popular is due to the larger floor space they provide, compared to a single-storey dwelling. These are most popular for a larger family of 5 or more, as they will normally require a larger family dwelling.

Transom Scaffolding has the capacity for scope, design and erection of your scaffolding requirements for your double storey home. We follow the strictest safety protocols and abide by the New South Wales safety regulations for the scaffolding industry. We are licensed, ticketed and fully insured to operate the full assembly of the scaffold in any construction environment.